Exploring Digital Literacies

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I definitely think my digital profile accurately represents me because I answered the questions honestly regarding my level of understanding of each section. I think that I could definitely use some work in terms of tools and technology as well as identity and wellbeing (I chose the online security station). It was nice to evaluate myself and see what I need to work on and what I personally think I know enough of. (I wasn’t sure if my digital profile was properly displayed so I did it again and got the same results)

After completing the online activities I formed my own definitions of all of the items and included the links used below each definition:

All the links I found were extremely beneficial and useful. In my opinion the most important part of digital literacy is really grasping when, how, and in what context to use the given digital tool. In the Egyptian context, I think having an actualized grasp on how to use digital tools will allow people to go beyond the tool itself, just as was done in the Revolution, just as was mentioned in the article for the Hypothes.is activity. In terms of the Hypothes.is activity I thought the article was extremely good (shoutout to you Dr.!!!!!) for several reasons. It really grounded the definitions and made them more tangible with examples and explanations. The article really showed the differences between digital literacy and digital skills which I think can be easily confused. I like that the article also highlighted that its important to teach sequentially so that things are properly understood and internalized overtime. Personally, I was not a big fan of the annotation and the Hypothes.is website itself. My personal preference is not to highlight and annotate so that is why it didn’t suit me but I could see the benefits for others. 

For the stations and expanding my knowledge from my digital profile I chose: blogs and online security. I wanted to enhance my understanding of blogs since I have been keeping a blog for the first time in my life. I learned that blogs can be used for work settings, which is another interesting take since prior to this class I only thought of them as personal and now post on an academic blog. I liked that it showed you different websites you could use to start your own blog and that it ran you through scenarios and case studies to see how situations could unfold. I chose online security because I personally don’t know much about it. I constantly see terms and conditions changing everyday on online platforms. Recently there was even an issue with Facebook and personal information being sold so I wanted to expand my understanding on the topic. I like the real world application of how it taught you how to protect yourself from malware with direct examples.I learned that a website that beings with https and has a padlock is a website that protects your password which I actually thought was really cool. To me online security was more beneficial that blogs, which I hadn’t been expecting because it gave me a lot more useful information that I would actually use. After completing all three of these activities I definitely feel as though my knowledge on digital literacy has expanded by a lot. I also know that there is a lot out there that I don’t understand and should keep trying to learn.



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